About us

Kosmonte Foods operates with its activity in the field of import and distribution of fresh food products in the Republic of Albania since 2006. Present at more than 90% of the national market, the purpose of our work is to efficiently meet the native market needs, by following national and international trends through the continuity of innovations. For our client, we offer the major international brands market, ads and promotions aimed at supporting top quality brands at competitive prices.

Today, Kosmonte Foods is proud of its reputation globally, for its achievements so far, being considered as the most specialized company for the sale and distribution of fresh food products. And with a massive presence with over 600 types of items in these markets.

Mission: We take care to make the life of the consumer healthier by offering responsibility, excellence, service, traceability and focus on customer needs.

Vision: To create trust to consumer, thus being the most effective solution for table products for their family.

Technology: Using and updating technology has been a productive part of the company at all times. Thus by implementing and applying it, it has enabled the company at any moment to have real-time information on the state of the goods at the warehouse, to process orders from the field, enabling efficient and timely preparation of buyer’s orders, delivery and other field related reports. All of these reports are processed electronically by relevant departments, enabling management and costumer to collaborate, operate and efficiently choose.

Warehouse & Logistic

Over the years, the company has been committed to complementing the most modern storage conditions, and we can proudly say that we are the first company that has built the storage system and vehicles in the plus and minus temperature mode. Warehouses are equipped with adequate mechanisms for the maintenance of goods, are under constant monitoring by professional staff to ensure they are in European storage standards and criteria.

Logistics is also an important pillar for us, possessing over 100 refrigerating vehicles, so that distribution is carried out at any time according to market requirements, to provide the safest solution and product to reach the right conditions strictly of the maintenance required in the product.